How to Save Electricity With Your Home Appliances

We use home appliances every day. They help us a lot to lighten our work both in the house and in work. How can we use them effectively while using every bit of electricity worthy of its use, no power wasted. With that in mind, we not only save money in our pockets but helping save power, as we all aware that there a continuous energy crisis. We should take our part for this, we can do something and we can start it at home.

Let us examine some of the common appliances and devices which are common to a usual household.


  1. Television: I think huge percentage of people own a television. When not in use, totally unplug it from the AC or wall outlet. Modern televisions are already remote-controlled. When not in use, these television sets still draw minimal current so it can power its digital controllers. If this is not taken care of, this will add up significantly its power consumption. Remember, all big things start small. Especially if you have large screen television sets or the conventional CRT based. If you have some budget that you can spare or you maybe planning to buy a new one, consider changing your CRT-based television sets with the newer and less power consuming new LCD and LED TV.
  2. Refrigerator: One of the indispensable appliances at home. It preserves food and provides freshness to the fruits and vegetables. Sure it can cool down, but if before putting hot food for storage, let it cool down to room temperature, this can save some extra power, likewise if you have frozen foods, take them out sometime before mealtime so it can defrost itself, saving you power on oven for reheating. If you are planning to buy new refrigerator, look for one which has a good EFR (Energy Efficiency Ratio). Usually governments mandate manufacturers at present to manufacture appliances which are energy saving compliant. home appliances jp nagar
  3. Air Conditioner: My favourite appliance when I am at home and while the temperature outside is hot. Initially, you can set it to high settings so it can cool down the room quickly and set it to medium or low when temperature inside drops to an acceptable level. Make sure you clean the filter regularly and check if the thermostat is working properly so that the compressor can turn itself off when it reaches the set temperature. Likewise, the same with the refrigerator, if you are planning to buy new one, choose the one with good EFR. By the way, this EFR thing is posted on the specifications of the unit.
  4. Light bulbs: Most houses nowadays use CFL (Compact Florescent Light) and that is a good choice of lighting fixture. These are low power consuming as compare to the traditional incandescent bulbs, last longer too and much brighter.
  5. Computer: Computers are intelligent piece of device, only if the user uses it intelligently. If you have older computer, consider an upgrade. Modern computer processors like that of Intel Core2Duo series and AMD Athlon X2 series, supports smart and automatic power saving. Also, consider using an LCD or an LED monitor, not only space wise monitors this also have low power consumption. A typical 17 inches LCD or LED monitor can consume 25 watts to 40 watts compare to a 17 inches CRT monitors which typically consume 80 Watts and up, depending on how detailed is the graphics displayed. If you are the kind of person who has work a lot and have plenty of windows open at the same time, turning off your computer more often can take time to open your applications, hibernate it instead.
  6. Washing Machines: When using the washing machine, make sure you have a bunch of clothes for washing. It is good idea to wash them in this manner, this way you are unconsciously saving electricity.


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